Birdhouse snow report.  2 dustings of snow adding up slowly on the birdhouse with light snow coming down most of the day today.  We are supposed to squeeze out an inch of snow and some more over the next few days.  Getting snow to fall this year is like trying to get blood out of a turnip.  We happily take whatever Mother Nature throws our way

I caught the chickadee’s flighting around between our house and Kaubashine

Mack is saying something here as he watches me trying to catch the chickadees in the cold.  There is a thought behind those eyes… anyone want to comment on what he is thinking?

View off the hill this morning.  If you are coming this weekend don’t forget your skates, or you can borrow some from our skate box in the office

While the temps are moderated this week Troy and Steve have been sanding away on boards for the walls of the office.  Due to the fact that Craig buys them seconds, each board needs a bit of sanding to make it workable.  They would not know what to do if they were given boards off the show room floor, instead of the back lot pile that ProBuild saves just for Craig

The guys have been watching the forecast for frigid temps next week and I think I will have a few volunteers for the cleaning crew for a few days next week.  Troy is awesome with the vacuum  and dusting the ceiling fans I sometimes miss.  Steve has hospital corners down for bed making and does a bathroom cleaner than a whistle