After the melt down last week I am calling this new coating of snow winter version 2.0  Nice fluffy white stuff.  We could always use more but are more than happy to have what we got

The melt down gave our ice rink a 2nd life.  It is like a zamboni came across it and resurfaced it.  Guests this weekend have been more than happy to help clear it off and check out the skate box in the office to see what fits (I will take donations to the skate box if you have any hiding in your attic collecting dust. I promise they will get used again and have a 2nd life)

You get to earn your skating experience.

Tuesday’s high temp is – 4  I will take that without complaining as long as Troy keeps both wood stoves going in the house, the kids keep the wood box full, and mother nature promises more snow and not to put us through another depressing melt down anytime soon.  One nice thing about cold temps is I suddenly have lots of enthusiastic volunteers for the cleaning crew.  Troy and Steve have an aversion to working outside in minus temps