First of all it is Monday morning and – 8 to start out the day and going to a balmy -2 for a high with windchills who knows where.  Mack sums up Monday I think and is going back to bed.  His boys have left for school, it is too cold to safely pee outside, and the squirrels are hibernating.  Don’t we all wish we could have a dogs life of a nap to start out the work week at 8:30 am

On Sunday before the artic air hit I caught the Mullenbach and Gaumitz families down enjoying a skate on the lake with skates from our skate box

Finding the correct fit was the challenge

You got to love this guy bundled up like the kid in Christmas Story, he has been told skating is fun and giving it a firs time try

Hockey was the name of the game.  It has amazed me how many kids this winter have skated on our rink and it is the first time they have done lake skating over a man made rink

Throw the puck down and lets go!

Ahhhh I am not so sure about this…… can I just stay in the snowbank?

Same girl 5 minutes later having a ball on the beautiful lake