It is so cold at – 13 this morning that…. dreams of summer have started

It is so cold this morning that…..

-I made sure to stock up on make it at home flavored coffee so I would not have to get in the car and do my daily drive to the gas station for coffee.

-wonderful sons are making coffee mugs in art class for their mom that she can actually use and love

-high schoolers were spotted wearing winter coats to school

-high schoolers actually listen to parents and take a hat with them in their back pack just in case they needed it while rolling their eyes

-hot water line in the kitchen freezes until Troy puts a heater on it to unthaw the line.  Til it unthaws, hot water is toted from the bathroom

-cleaning supplies freeze while walking from one cabin to the next

-request goes out if you have business to do, use a cabin bathroom to keep “action” going in the septics

-nobody whines when mom asks to fill the woodbox as it = warm house

-schools close allowing teenagers to enjoy an entire uninterupted guilt free day playing MineCraft with friends

-dog stays to close to the fireplace and singes hair causing smell of burnt golden retriever to waft through the house

-bings, bongs and bangs from the lake creating more and  more ice and shifting

I could go on and on….