Bird House snow report.  We got about 2 inches last night and it is still snowing this morning so about 3 inches of light fluffy new snow to play in this weekend.  Enough to get us to possibly head to the tubing hill at Winter Park on Saturday and who knows maybe even our first ski of the season.

New snow adding up on the base we already had.  We are not complaining and enjoying every inch we get.  This should be enough snow to put the ski trails and tubing hill in nice shape.  For snowmobiling I am sure they will be out on the trails this weekend.  It would have been nice to see a good 6 inches for those trails but we take what we can get! and enjoy!

Guys are putting the plow back on the truck today and making some passes through the resort for the first time since Christmas

In the cold it is amazing how much dogs and their owners start to look alike.  Deb with her hat was looking a lot like her dog Ruby.  Ruby is a corgi with attitude.  When she was younger she would romp through the snow creating trails as she went and at times getting lost in the drifts.  These days she sticks to the shoveled trails

Ruby’s partner in crime, Barney was outside but was very happy to head in with Deb and Ben to enjoy some time in front of the fireplace warming his old bones