Everyone is allowed a mistake once in awhile and I made one of the summer rate sheet

We raised all the cabins in the summer a gentle 2% the last few years and one year took no raise due to the bad economy everyone was experiencing together.  This year we decided to include linen and took the cabins up 3% to cover that added expense.  Either I calculated wrong or the printer missed something when he entered my new numbers in my new rate sheet.  Kaubashine and Norway were only ment to have a 3% raise but when I looked at the sheet when someone brought it to my attention, a mistake was made of a rate of 1635/week.  It should have been 1550.  So if you are in Kaubashine and Norway and have already sent in your deposit or are going to don’t worry I have made the correction to the correct rate of 1550/week

Sorry about the confusion.  I am going to blame it on the dog I am sure he had something to do with it

I had nothing to do with it and resent the implication, please address all complaints about this mix up to Steve