Anyone ever wonder what happened to all the old french windows from the cabins?  When the cabins were winterized all the old neat french windows were taken out and put in storage along with old doors.  Never fear they are safe and sound and some may recognize a few of these old beauties

Since the first time I started thinking of our new office building I wanted to incorporate as many of these old doors and windows as possible, so off to the storage shed we went in search of 3 pairs of windows

We decided to use the old windows from Norway Pines.  Everyone who stayed in the old Norway will know that a couple of times over the history of that cabin we had squirrels get in and munch on a few of the windows in the old cabin.  The trick in the selection is to find non-squirrel chewed windows and put 3 good pairs together

First good pair found.  They will go in the wall separating the office from the community room.  Can’t wait to see them in

Mixing and matching the pairs to come up with the best 3 sets

Everything else back in storage til the next project.