We volunteered this weekend to help out at aid station number 5 on the Wolf Tracks ski race at Winter Park this weekend.  After 2 delays due to – temps the race finally went off at 10:30 am at a balmy 0 degrees.  It was a marathon race that qualified skiers for the Birkie in Hayward later in the month.  Having an aid station at 0 degrees was a challenge

Our water tumbler of course froze and the water spout got stuck in the out position…

Which caused lots of chaos as we attempted to fill lots of glasses and transfer them to a warm car.  Skiers coming off the trail do not like ice cold water at 0 degrees

We were also in charge of the road crossing, making sure that snowmobilers, cars and skiers did not collide

While waiting for skiers feet were kept warm by standing on insulation.

Skiers came through and all was well.  We only had one gentleman worried about a frost bitten face and one lady who had to warm up her feet that she could not longer feel in a car we had running.  Hats off to all the brave skiers who hit the trail at Winter Park this weekend