Our bear welcoming folks to the resort has become coated in snow.  It is starting to pile up and look like it should in February

Troy has been putting the miles on with the gator clearing the driveway

Birdhouse snow report.  A lot of snow has been blown off the birdhouse but it gives an idea

The birdbath gives a good idea of how deep the snow is in the woods outside of the snow banks.  Some years this bird bath gets buried.  Maybe it will this month

Answer to yesterday’s question.  What did Steve think he grabbed and what did he actually grab in this pipe

Story behind the photo

He has his hand down the vent pipe to the sewer system of Norway.  Why in the world did he do that you ask?  We had some ice build up in the pipe and he was checking to see if the ice had gone down thus allowing water to flow freely to the septic.  He did not know Troy had inserted a water hose into the pipe and grabbed ahold of the hose thinking it was what you are thinking it was.  His look of surprise and saying “What the ___ did I just grab” was priceless.  Happy to say the ice build up has gone away and everything is flowing smoothly and Steve’s heart is in good shape after having a jolt.