I had a local artist Greg Peck make my new office table top.  I gave Greg the specifications for size and he came up with this amazing piece that we will connect to a bottom.  I have several of Greg’s tables in the resort.  Red Pine and Kaubashine have coffee tables he made and Shamrock has a beautiful corner table.  He puts a very tough finish on that I have yet to see get dinged in the cabins.  Greg’s dad was the original owner of WildWood Zoo also known as Jim Peck’s Wildwood.  Greg has a studio work shop in Hazelhurst and now has some things in the shop but does most items as custom orders.  I am ordering 3 stools to match the table as well from Greg

Here is another of his tables that I picked up from him that he called “The Elf” table.  He saw 2 elves looking out.  I see 2 eyes with eyebrows.  Not sure where this one is going but it will be enjoyed where ever it ends up… maybe my own livingroom… or the office…


Link above will take you to Greg’s site.  Click on About Us to see more pics of his work