Day off school for teacher inservice + new snow = time to go skiing  Time to go skiing + figuring out how to get the skies back on after a year = tangle of legs and a few foul words.  Skis on + awesome trails = eventually happy parents

Down the trail we go

Fresh legs and the beginning of the trail = we can see the boys and keep up with them

Trail maps + unsure teenagers wanting to know how long they have til they are back in the car = pausing on the trail to calculate.  Pausing on the trail to calculate = parents have time to catch up

Beautiful freshly groomed trail + marks in the snow from poles = parents ditched but knowing the kids have passed this way and can not be too far ahead

Solitary skier plugging along = dad happy to have not fallen on the last hill

Kids found passed out in the snow sure they are going to die if they do not get to text message soon = happy parents

Kids finding that skiing is actually fun and they can fly down the trail and enjoy the snow =

Happy Mom thanking her lucky stars that teachers had an inservice day