I headed down to the lake to see how the Cikowski crew was doing ice fishing.  I found shack city on ice down by Holiday with a familar wave from Jimmy

Many folks do not understand the pull of ice fishing, but those that due value the solitude they get from those who do not get it

Tommy the lone man with his own holes away from shack city..  one person missing Fritz….  where is Fritz….

Disturbing, Fritz’s bucket, Fritz’s pole, Fritz’s beer in the snow bank…. but where is Fritz….  I usually catch him sitting on a bucket fishing

Tommy, Fritz and Jimmy  I almost did not recognize Fritz with all his garb on.  This is the coldest  the guys have fished in a few years.  Fritz had been hanging out in the shack staying warm

Trails leading out to holes all over the place.  Flag goes up, go check the tip up.  Guys did not have any fish for me to take pics of they had fillet them already and were on to the 2nd batch of the day.  So far once nice Northern and a bunch of perch are in the cabin freezer

Views from the ice looking back a the resort a view I do not get this view very often

Time to follow the trail back to shore with my furry partner.  I forgot my hat and it was time to go back to the woodstove