Do you think you have what it takes to run a resort?

Do you have the ability to face down a 150 lb Saint Bernard who’s owners are at the hospital after a snowmobile accident and the dog needs to pee?  Do you have the ability to be a dog whisperer to coax 150lbs of reluctant and slightly growling grumpy St Bernard out of the cabin and have him on a leash so he does not do a walk about and add to the hard weekend his owners are having.  Thankfully George, the only Saint Bernard I have allowed in my 20 years of running the resort saw the light when I pulled out his doggy snacks.  I became acceptable and we were headed out of the cabin on a leash just as his owner arrived back from the hospital.  His owner Lori got an over night in the hospital and  hopefully will be ok.  Lori convinced me a few years ago that I would never even know George was in the cabin after she left and she was right it looked as good as when a poodle was there.  Hope you feel better Lori because George is lost without you and I only have so many treats!

So when you think it is a piece of cake to run a resort consider a 150 lb Saint Bernard who has to pee and ask yourself if you think you can..

The snow is falling and it is beautiful out!

If your name is Craig Black don’t look at the next few pictures….  Troy and Steve are starting to work on finishing touches of the Office.  Finishing touches are something someone in Arizona likes to do, but the guys had an itch to try it themselves….

New windows are framed in for my office area.  The 3 sets of old french windows we picked out a few weeks ago will go in here

Steve got the ledge built and things are moving right along.

With the snow coming and the long spring we usually have it is always nice to have a project to keep you busy.  My project arrived in the mail yesterday and with Troy’s help we started assembling it.  A 1914 Gearhart antique sock knitting machine.  How does it work what will I do with it… stay tuned as we read over the 100 year old manual.  I am sure there will be a few words said as the gears are figured out

In the meantime it is time to enjoy the pines with snow on them for a few more weeks