Although we still feel buried in snow and there is plenty around to play in for the next couple of weeks, you can definitely feel spring around the corner.  Icicles have started popping up everywhere.  The birds have to be careful how they approach our suet feeder

While it has been warmer out, the work in the office building has been going ahead full steam.  All 3 windows are now hung and trimmed in by Steve.  Troy has gotten the back storage room varnished and ready for shelves

Office door is next.  It needs a bit of work to be ready to hang.  I can not remember where this door came from.  It might have been out of the main house but we are not sure

For those dreaming of the beach, I found this beauty at Gas Light Square in Minocqua last week.  It is a bouncer and got everyones thumbs up on its amount of bounce.  Not sure if it will make it to the beach or hang out outside the office on the deck

My sock knitting machine is moving right along and I am slowly mastering it in my spare time.  I am hoping to have my first sock out of it this weekend if all goes well

In the meantime, spring has started to spring and you can feel it in the air, but we still feel a bit buried.  Plenty of snow to play in.  Ice fishing has been great the last few weeks

Here is just a small taste of Brent Geilenfeldt catches the last few days.  Brent and Annette enjoyed a wonderful fish dinner from his catch.  He reported perch biting landing some nice big ones, but did not send me the pics of those.  I have also heard from others the Northern are doing well with several nice ones coming out the last few weeks from the ice fishermen we have had staying.  One gentleman thought he had a Northern on until it came through the hole scaring the crap out of him a huge muskie that he quickly put back into the hole.  Not a lot of crappies but bluegill and perch.  Thanks Brent for the pic!