Katie and her family came over to the resort to take a snowshoe out to our bog on our back 40 acres.  They had a mission of snowshoeing and lunch

One thing they learned quickly is even with snowshoes, crossing a bog you sink and they quickly learned to walk the edge of the bog not through the center

The intrepid leader of the pack, Katie.  Does she look like someone else you might recognize from the 80’s on showshoes in the woods.  Now if the music of Rocky Mountain High was playing in the background or anything by John Denver

Time for a break

Now to make a fire and have lunch the 2nd objective

Not a thought about Sponge Bob Square Pants show that was being missed or what was going on in the world of MineCraft.  Only concern was burning the hot dogs


Now that lunch is out of the way lets talk about Super Novas around the campfire and the origins of the universe.  I saw a great episode of NOVA the other day… let me tell you about it you will be fascinated….