Absolutely beautiful early spring day.  No need for a coat and hat (unless you are Troy) and time to work on some wood with the nice cool but not to cold temps

Troy loading up his wood splitting tire.  Today it was easy popple, no need for the wood splitter I am told.  I feel my back groaning just looking at them splitting wood

The tire is supposed to save your back, making it so the logs do not fall over and you just load the split stuff onto the wheel barrow.  Yes that wheel barrow is a working antique that has been hauling wood as long as I can remember.  This year though I think it needs new wood, the back board and sides are wearing out for the umpteenth time

In other news, Steve was using an entirely too big of a tool to make the door lock for my office door

He was routing out an area for a lock assembly to go in the old door.  This french door was from our house.  Before the basement was put in and the porch was remodeled, this door was part of a pair that went from our kitchen/dinningroom area into the old screened in porch which is now the narrow room off our deck.

The old french door goes great with the old windows from Norway.  Norway’s old bathroom door has also been reused as a storage room door off the office and Norway’s old front door with the small square window will also be incorporated in a secret project of Craig’s which I am not allowed to reveal.

Remember to get your Iceout guesses in the mail box.  They are due in my mail box by Monday… ok I will give you til Tuesday.

Maple trees have not started running yet.  We are waiting for the first drip of spring which can not be too far away