It has been a busy week on spring break and catching up after our short vacation to the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)  People always ask me where do you go on vacation since you live here at everyones idea of vacation.  Well here is the answer a beautiful cabin on the shores of Lake Superior minutes from the Porcupine Mountains.  There is no wood shed calling, No WIFI, barely cell reception and the beauty of Lake Superior out the window.  Lake Superior has its own beauty you have to visit to appreciate

The amazing Ice Dunes 100 feet from shore.  We went out snowshoeing in the first 75 feet from shore but kept a healthy distance from the edge of the dunes.  You just never know what is going on under the ice.  We watched waves crash over the dunes forming more ice and the dunes higher

Our own little slice of paradise away from the chaos of our world at the resort, which we love, but nice to get away from once in awhile.  Lake Superior is also only an hour away, the Porcupine Mountains along Lake Superior 2 hours away, much closer than Florida and much less crowded.

We returned to the resort to find Cliff buried under 8 inches of new snow.  It is going to be a long spring this year.  Last year ice out was March 20th, this year I am sure we will be into April

Pines loaded in new snow

Mack’s thoughts “You know I would have loved to go to Florida and run along the beach… I am sure I could get over my fear of cars, swimming.. sharks can’t be worse than Muskie’s in the swimming area…. really I would have gone….”

Within hours of being home Bayview was cleared out for some TLC

Boards pulled off…. ideas floating on what to change…  New floor is a definite..  fresh coat of varnish

Filling in nail holes with putty

Stay tuned and see where this leads.

Office work is on hold for warmer weather but my new office door LOCKS! and wait til I share a picture of my key to the office.  It cracks me up