When will Cliff wake up from hibernation and sink into Lower Kaubashine?  Well here are the 2013 entries.  I am not going to publish times there are not more than 2 people on any day, so if Cliff sinks on a day 2 have picked then we will just split the pot between them.  The pot this year is 125 total.  62.50 will go to the Lakeland Food Pantry and 62.50 to the winner or winners

April 4th Linda Hoadley

April 10th John Meyer

April 11th Jimmy Cikowski and The Salatino Family

April 12th Bob Moore

April 13th Fritz, Ruth Grady (both past winners of the contest)

April 14th Tommy Cikowski

April 15th Will Flower

April 16th Roberta Cikowski

April 17th Mike Grady

April 18th Barb Moore and Al Cikowski

April 19th Jodi Cikowski and Kim Flower

April 20th Carmela Grady (our only 4 legged entry) and Dan Biwan

April 21st  Lindy Cikowski

April 22nd Rob Moore

April 24th Dan Biwan

April 25th John Wrobel (last years winner)

April 26th Linda Wrobel

May 1st Cody Cikowski

May 3rd Emily  Cikowski

May 5th Kip Cikowski

May 8th Charlie Cikowski