Another 4 or so inches of snow arrived last night on top of the large amounts we already had.  Now I love winter do not get me wrong…. but I have had enough….  it is pretty but….. time for spring

I went down to the lake in my Columbia high topped boots to find out how Cliff was doing.  I found him buried with snow whipping around him.  Will Cliff ever take the plunge?

The only part of the raft sticking out of the snow is the connectors to the ladders.  Somewhere underneath is the raft waiting for summer


Somewhere under that blanket of white is a boat

Picnic Anyone?

Maple taps with snow piled on top and trees still sleeping.  Not a drip or drop

Starting to wonder if winter will ever end and do we have enough wood….

In the meantime while looking at all the snow outside I have made a few socks out of my sock maker.  I think the machine and I are coming into agreement.  The sock on the left is a finished one, the one on the right needs its toe sown together and the purple waste yarn pulled out.  I will do a blog entry soon on a sock start to finish sometime soon, sooner than later if the snow keeps up.