No end to winter in sight = time to get some inside projects done

When the guys get let loose on cabins scenes like this happen. Kitchens migrate into bathrooms

Cook while you clean?

Time for some touch up stain and varnish in Bayview

How is that for spiffy cupboards Murry?

Just for fun I think we should play can you find your table with Murry Hixson.  Murry for a few years relaxed on vacation with a can of stripper and stripped a few of the oak tables in Bayview that were Millies favorite color Canary Yellow.  Murry knows exactly which tables they are and expects them in the same place in Bayview every year.  Once in awhile the furniture shuffle happens and one goes missing.  I get informed in no uncertain terms that something is missing and Murry goes on a cabin by cabin search until she finds the missing table.  Where should I hide this one this year…….  I wonder if Paris Hilton has to deal with furniture swaps and upheaval until said table is found..  Then again that is why I love my job and do not work for Paris and her Chinese made furniture that has never seen a speck of Canary Yellow

Last of the brown brick flooring.  Hey Murry hope you like it, you get it for the next 15 years.  Now where to put that nice round oak table…..