Craig came back from Arizona for a month to work on a few things…. a few things turned into a few more things… and lets just say everyone will notice something in their cabin fixed or added before they are all done.  My Iphone has been busy catching everything going on

Craig started out going through all the drapery rods and made a quick decision that most needed to be replaced.  Holiday was first on the list

I did have Holiday all set to be rented before he descended……

Troy was given the mission of filling in all the nail holes in Muskie’s bathroom hallway.  Something Craig ment to do 15 years ago when he remodeled it.  Only took 15 years to get done

All the old wood quarter round that did not like getting wet in the bathroom was replaced in Muskie.  We are trying an experiment with this black molding to see how it wears

Steve made Craig twitch a bit and me happy when he went to Loon Land Trading Post in Minocqua to pick up a few light switch covers to replace Craig’s old much cheaper black covers.  Craig made sure Steve saved the old black covers and screws just in case they are ever needed and to not tell me where they are stored so they do not accidentally disapear

Whenever you see a sight like this you know something is up.

Troy re-gluing under the sink

Someone was through Bayview replacing the curtain rods…. who could that be?

Bayview was clean before they descended.  New rule, no working on clean cabins.  You may not enter clean cabins and descend with tools creating chaos, only after they are used by guests

Yep there was a clean counter under all this at one point…..

I just find this can funny.  Any bets how old it is?  Only thing I know is I am sure it was bought on sale and not at Loon Land Trading Post

Now here is one of my favorite projects.  An old cabinet for the office that I bought 3 years ago and stripped but had not finished.  Time to sand it down

Old doors

Time for some stain and then see if I remember how to put the old hardware back on the doors

My new office table found its home

Anyone remember this old bathroom door from Norway Pines?  It leads from the office to a small storage room behind the sauna

Ahhhh  what Millie and Trudy would not have given for this room where all the resort kitchen stuff is along with coffee makers, toasters, lamp shades and anything else I can find that fits

My favorite part of the office my french door that goes in, it locks and I love the key

The key to the office.  Anyone remember when all the cabins had keys like this.  This was one request I had for the office, along with the french windows I wanted an old lock and key and the guys made it happen.  Love it!  Now I better not loose the key or we may never find another like it.  I would love to see the look on a lock smith’s face when I do loose the key and need another one made

Are you done taking pictures, because we are not done with this cabinet and there is a sander over there on the floor with your name on it