Due to the fact that once again it snowed in the last 24 hours I refuse to take any pictures outside. ┬áSo today’s blog is about dreaming of summer

Summer at the raft floating with friends

Ok this one does not look warm but it is still one of my favorites, fishing in the morning mists

Quiet moments on the dock

Watching Troy walk down the driveway with his favorite instrument

Body decoration in sun lotion

Feet up and no cares in the world

Get togethers with a few friends

Reason to find some shade out at the woodshed

Sitting at the dock at night with the moon rising

Finding that same spot on the dock and watching the sun rise.  Love that old photogenic dog Poe

Summer visitors waking up the resort at 1 am tipping over garbage cans

Flipping the canoe for something to do on a warm afternoon

Floating down a river with your little brother

Yep all reasons to do a little summer dreaming