One of our guest Gail ordered 13 Christmas Balls last fall.  She knew she would not get them by Christmas as my list was filled up for Christmas but I got them done this week.  Gail has got balls, lots of balls

Dancing Balls, Alaska Balls

Red Balls…

Blue Balls (I love these with the variegated blue sparkly yarn)

Balls, balls and more balls.  Hope you like them Gail!

If you would like some balls and see some you like email me and I will have them ready and hold them til you get here.  They are 15 dollars each.  They take me about 2 -3 hours to make each.  They are constantly changing depending on the yarns I have.  I always have some done in the Christmas Box in the office just check out the box when you are here.  Every ball I made last year disappeared along with the Christmas Stockings

The Christmas Ball box at the moment.  A little lean after Gail’s balls left

Right now I have just about every pattern done that I have for stockings except for the Angel Stocking that one is on my needles as I type.  If you would like a stocking let me know the pattern you would like and I will also have them ready when you arrive with names on if you would like.  They are 45 each.

Can’t leave out the pets!

My needles only click so fast so if you want some let me know or you may have to wait til March like Gail

I will also have a selection of socks from my sock maker in the gift shop.  More details to come on those as I get a few more done.  I make them to match feet. Size 5 – 6 small, size 7 – 8 medium and size 9 – 10 large.  They have been flying out of my house as I make them to friends and family who are happy to gobble up my first ones.  Warm and comfy, you will not go back to regular socks when you have these on.  I make them in wool blends and also cotton so winter and summer socks.  Not itchy at all with the blends