Too much snow in the woods and Char Schmelzer = shopping trip to Ironwood.  Ironwood is 1 hour north of us and has as many strip bars as it does antique stores and a wonderful pasty shop for lunch.  What a combination antiques, strippers and pasty’s

Joe’s Pasty shop is not fancy but it is great food.  They have one thing on the menu hot traditional pastys and you can take home frozen ones of other varieties but if you want one hot it is traditional meat, potatoes and carrots for 4.25 and a soda for a dollar.  5.25 for a good lunch you can’t beat!

What is a pasty?  It is spicy meat in a pie shell with carrots and potatoes.  I am a traditional gal, but there are other varieties.  The only one they keep hot and ready to serve in the shop is the traditional one.  These pies were what miners took down in the mines back in the days when the Iron mines were open.  All over the UP you will find pastys for sale.  Just don’t get them confused with the pasties at the stripper bars just down the street.

Skipping the stripper bars we headed to the antique stores and Char found this wonderful addition to the bathrooms……  Can’t you see them hanging in the bathrooms?  LOL

Char giving me ideas for some bling shirts for the Black’s Cliff gift shop with sparkly rindstones

Personally this is what I found humorous

I wonder if this is the feature show down the street?

Char pointed out to me this would give me the ability to bling up the Black’s Cliff shirts.  I just found the box funny

Now what happened after this picture?  Why no more pictures?  We either headed to the stripper bars and had a few beers or over to Dan’s antique store and got lost in 2 floors of glorious antiquedome (yes that is a word) and got so distracted the Iphone did not make it out of my pocket for pictures.  All I will say is we barely made sure to have enough room in the van to make it home after loading it up with either strippers or antiques

Thank for Char and Karey (our intrepid photographer) for a great afternoon of laughs