We spent a very nice weekend away from the resort visiting friends and family before spring work hits.  Did I say friends….  Does anyone else have a friend like this?  Everyone needs a friend like this but everyone with a friend like this should be careful at all times where they leave their Iphone unprotected or you get to see a different side of your friend of 25 years.

Meanwhile back at the ranch work commenced without us along with a little bit of snow melting.  Always a worrisome site to return to ladders outside of cabins

I do believe I left Muskie in pretty good shape.  The problem was I did not lock the door behind me and someone’s father snuck in with tools

He is very excited about the new light bought on sale at Menards.  It is Char approved I am told

Of course new curtain rods

Who really needs a mirror in the bathroom?  I am sure Ken Ross will not notice this small change

I do believe Ken will notice a new shower head.  I talked Craig into picking up adjustable heads as long as they were on sale or had a rebate

Steve heading off with the rest of the Menards sale items to replace square light fixtures from the 70’s

I am just hoping the table makes it back in the cabin  in one piece as I know The Schmelzer’s and Thompson’s will come hunting it down for cards

Just remember this important lesson that when with friends and family always keep an eye on where your Iphone is