In the hope that spring has sprung we have gotten our maple cooking pots out.  So far we have collected about 4 gallons of sap.  Not quite enough to get the cookers going.  The trees the last 3 days have shut back down along with the temps.  Wednesday looks like it is the start of warmer temps in the 40’s and it looks like starting then we have perfect sap weather for atleast the next week.  Hopefully we will have a fire going before the weekend cooking everything down

Took a walk down the icy beach steps to see how Cliff was doing

Plenty of snow around the place.  This time last year we had the entire resort raked and were painting.  It is a slow start to spring work this year

Crusty hard icy snow

Perfect for a good roll to get a back scratch

Cliff slugging it out in the cold morning sunshine.  Almost wanted to bring the guy some coffee

Shoreline showing no major signs of retreating anytime soon

Atleast the raft is no longer completely covered up.  One hopeful sign of spring

Back up the icy steps

All this snow has continued to keep the guys working in the cabins.  Steve started on a project 2 years in the making.  He and I discovered the neatest antique medicine cabinet 2 years ago and almost put it in Bayview for Murry a last year when we were working on Bayview’s bathroom.  The wall in Bayview proved unable to be altered to fit the cabinet so this year Birchwood is getting it.  Birchwood gets everything, it pays to be the closest cabin to the workshop

Yep coolest medicine cabinet in the resort will be in Birchwood.  Can’t wait to see it in.  Muskie also is getting a few tweaks to its bathroom that Char and Jackie will approve of but I may keep that a secret for them to discover when they get here

Off to clean cabins and hope nobody invades them with tools before they are used this weekend.  We have plenty of cabins open in April if you are looking for an escape.  The Bayview, Wildflower and Restawhile have a special going of 110/night for 3 nights, all the big cabins can be booked for 135/night for 2 nights or 125/night for 3 nights for groups up to 4.  Give a call and give me a reason to keep the guys and their tools out of cabins.  Next thing you know they will be adding on bedrooms if the snow keeps up