Big Congrats to Aqil and Laurie Kahn who got married this weekend.  Laurie and her family have been coming to the resort since her grandfather Wills discovered the resort I believe dating back to the 60’s.  I babysat for Laurie and her 3 sisters and she is the last one to get married.  Congrats to Laurie and Aqil!  Last summer they helped make our Black’s Cliff Summer video and were the couple in the double kayak in the video.  I told them if they could survive a trip around the lake in the double kayak and still be talking with one another at the end they were ready to get married

There was a bit of a Black’s Cliff reunion at the wedding with the Thompson, Oster, Zaremba, Buhot and Bahnfleth families.

Craig, Paul Zaremba, Bill Bahnfleth and Dan Christian

Even Craig got in on the festivities.  We let him off of his top secret project to head to the south for a good time.  Your tools are waiting when you get back!

Mom Steph with her girls and grand daughter.  One of the favorite stories of the Christian girls involved their last name.  Many times at the resort folks will know one another spending a week together at the cabins but not necessarily know their last  name.  Steph was at the beach one afternoon and it was time for lunch and announced very loudly for all to hear that “Christian Girls Upstairs Now!”  There were several heads that turned wondering if all “Christians” were included in this announcement.  It is one of those stories that is laughed over each year on the dock with a bottle of wine

Melanie, Laurie and Jaimie

Feeling old I remember these girls in this same position holding their Cabbage Patch dolls and wondering if they could go for a ski boat ride with me

Congrats to Aqil and Laurie

Thank you to Paul and Pam Zaremba for posting these pictures.