For those wondering why no pictures the last few days well here is the answer, the snow is still here.  We now have 4 – 8 inches of snow predicted for Thursday.  We may never get the resort ready for May.  This time last year the resort was raked, and painting was going on outside.  This year…

Lets just say everyone will appreciate the little improvements here and there inside the cabins.  Muskie Inn’s bedroom doors getting spruced up.  Sanded down and painted is the latest in a long line of inside projects.  Craig has been loose at Menards buying more lighting and I heard my opinion at Holiday is needed.  We might make everyone in Holiday happy with a brighter light over the dinning room table among other things

With the cold temps this week the maple trees have gone back to sleep.  Sap production the last 2 days has ground to a halt and our stock pot of sap waiting to be boiled off is empty along with our filter system.  For now we are on hold til it warms up

Our first batch of sap for the season that I have been working on for a week.  When you make a batch of sap you boil it and keep feeding it more sap.  This batch I have boiled down to about 3 gallons but dare not boil any more til we have more to add.  If I boiled this all way to syrup right now we would get maybe 2 quarts and I would like to get a bigger batch before boiling down to syrup.  More sap is needed but Mother Nature is not cooperating.  When this is boiling the smell of maple is amazing!  Get a wiff of it and Aunt Jemima will never look good again

I took this picture showing the lake making some progress to melting.  Atleast it is not pure white anymore, melting is slowly occurring.  This picture was taken where the road meets the water looking over towards Blackwood’s dock

Shoreline at the beach starting to show signs of melting

Cliff hanging out in the morning sunshine wondering if he will ever make it off the lake this year