As I type, I can hear the shovel scraping as Troy shovels the front walk yet again.  We did not get 11 inches of snow, but about 3. 3….. 11 in April is there really a difference?

All this snow has continued to keep the guys inside.  My office is getting puttied and varnished.  Steve has been on a mission at Wildflower and Restawhile.  Craig has been continuing on his curtain odyssey.  Troy has promised to not get any paint in Muskie Inn as he paints the bedroom doors inside.

That leaves me… the guys are in the cabins doing things with tools… can’t work outside… maple trees are once again at a stand still so that leaves..

Socks.  Lots and lots of socks have been whirling through my machine.  All different sizes.  If you see a color you like and want to order a pair just send your shoe size and I will have them ready.  Lots more colors are in my bin stay tuned I hear there is still snow in the forecast next week

Contemplating painting the oars in the basement if this weather keeps up.

Today’s sock is a wild one.  The more snow we get the wilder the colors are

Craig has been loos at Menards.  When he left for the Christian wedding last week he hit 4 Menards along the way to see what they had on clearance in their lighting department.  Holiday finally has a bright light over the dinningroom table.  Now to get him to either get a dimmer switch for it or shades that block some of the light.  I think those in Holiday will appreciate this new light, just a little dimmer

Mack has life by the tail and figured out.  He could careless what it looks like outside