I took this picture Saturday afternoon when we received the first 3 inches of snow.  This is my trail to some of our maple taps across the road.  Saturday amongst the snow a few of the trees were still flowing, just enough to keep us cooking.  When the real storm showed up on Sunday afternoon they all shut down

Crazy maple tree.  Does it really think it is spring?

The only problem with the cold (ok not the only problem, but one of them) is the sap freezes in the bags and my bucket of sapsicles needs to unthaw next to the wood stove before getting filtered and cooked.

Talking to other resort owners they are all nervous about getting everything open in May.  We decided to retreat to the basement for the weekend to do some painting.  The oars got a fresh coat of paint and the smell of John Deere Green was comforting.  Spring is out there somewhere

My 3 new (ok antique new) bouncy chairs I found this winter.  They needed a little tightening and some green paint in the basement to get them ready for summer

Fast Forward to Monday morning.  Sunday’s snow storm turned into Sunday nights ice storm.  We woke up to a yard full of branches and a smashed garden fence.  Not sure what else we will find around when we finally head outside today.  For now I am going to go have some more coffee