Is there snow in the Northwoods?  Is the pope catholic?  Of course we have another storm predicted for the end of the week just to keep us on our toes

How is Cliff doing at his post?  The lake is solidly white and it is a long haul ahead

Cliff looking a little dejected with the weather report.

I had someone call yesterday concerned that the lake would not be unfrozen my May 17th when he planned on coming up fishing.  I assured him that even if we had to get out a blow torch and unthaw the lake with it, it would be unfrozen by then

I have see the ice go out as late as the first week in May and it looks like we may be headed toward a similar senario.

Snow shoeing in July?

The boats getting a little antsy at the lake.

Sap has continued to flow.  We are in full production trying to keep up with the flow.

This is what happens when teenagers have been left inside too long and have cabin fever.  Time for an air soft war at a deserted resort safety glasses on everyone and don’t shoot your mom or no dinner for you