Eagles Nest in the snow

4th coldest April on record.  Yep, I would believe it.  We got an additional 2 inches of snow last night.  Maple Trees have again shut down.  One sign of spring was the raccoon’s in the bird feeder last night.  They have had a rude awakening.

Talking with many resort owners worried about opening on time.  Thankfully we have an advantage being open year round.  We do not have to worry about getting water turned on and cabins cleaned up.  Our only seasonal cabin left to turn on is Eagles Nest and I have confidence that it will be unthawed by May 17th when it is rented.  Our biggest problems come in with getting all the docks ready, painting done and grounds picked up.  It is going to be a mad rush in May.  We have already canceled a few projects and delayed them til late fall

Time for Spring