Instead of showing the dusting of snow that came down last night, I have chosen instead to show the change in color on the other side of the lake.  Finally it is not looking stark white.  Temps are rising to 60 and maybe GASP 70 next week.  That will move the ice along very fast.

We are looking at our last day or so of collecting maple sap.  When it rises to 60 on Friday that will be the end.  Today we are getting the outside cooker going to burn off the last big batch and the large amount we collect today from the trees

In the meantime we have been working inside.  The office/gift shop is coming together.

One of the cabinets I picked up at Dan’s Antiques in Hurley for 100 dollars in March with Char and Karey.  It makes a great spot to put my socks for sale.  We also have had our first artist drop off their stuff for sale.  Al Cikowski is bring me bird houses to sell for him which you see on top of the cabinet.  I have a Muskie Lure seller and a couple of others just waiting to bring their stuff over to fill the shop.

View from the desk

The community room has become a work space with all the painting and inside building projects we have going.  It will be ship shape soon