5pm on sunday the lake was definitely retreating

Funny site for the fishing opener this weekend I saw ice fishermen on Lake Minocqua in front of Albee’s fishing with a life raft close by.

Lakes are not going to last long with the warm weather the next couple of days

Earlier in the weekend Saturday morning I spotted these 2 lost ducks trying to find a place to swim

The female is the smart one staying put in the slightly open water.  Not sure what Mr Duck was up to

He temporarily finds a spot to be a duck

While he is off gallivanting blazing a trail across the lake, Mrs Duck is finding something to eat in the shoreline where a duck belongs

Now where is that guy when I need him to build me a nest?

Oh there he is, and just what does he think he is doing, why isn’t he happy with where he was…  there was food in the shoreline but that wandering nave is off trying to conquer the world crossing the lake on foot.  Ducks swim…. they don’t walk… especially across frozen lakes..

My feet are cold… I am hungry and he is off gallavanting…

The world is my oyster… I can not be tied down when there is all this to explore

My mother warned me about ducks like him, but I did not listen.  Mommy you were right!!!  I should have stayed home with you and not followed his tail feathers

I can’t hear you but I can hear the call of the wild to explore the world.  See ya next year babe, I am sure you can build that nest yourself

Did someone say the word Duck?

Yahoo there is a retriever in me somewhere

Umm where did it go?  Umm I am not setting foot out on that scary ice flow, I might get my paws dirty and wet.

Not to Mack:  You are not a Golden Doodle with Poodle in you.  You can get your paws wet it won’t kill you