Kip Cikowski who guessed May 5th, but today was the day May 6th.  The next closest guess was Charlie Cikowski, Kip’s relative.  Maybe Kip will take Charlie out to lunch with the winnings for the 2 of them to enjoy being one of the few braves souls to make guesses in May

Time to pull Cliff out of the water and dry him out for ice out 2014 which starts March 1st, only 10 months away

The rest of the lake is slowly unthawing and I expect it to be ice free by Tuesday or Wednesday.  Our fishermen this weekend will find the lake free of ice finally! Now to get all the docks in.  Time to get to work and quit blogging

Someone else would like to point out he got int he lake as well (up to his shoulders) and smells bad to prove it

Will 2013 finally be the year Mack learns to swim?