Lower Kaubashine ice free this morning.  Loons have been spotted, just not with my camera

We have a 45 plus inch Muskie that has staked out the shallows of the swimming area as its spawning site.  Every time you go down the steps you can spot him cruising through.  He was eyeing up floating Cliff the other day as possible lunch or mate, I am not sure.  Troy just hopes he gets done and moves on before we start putting in the docks.  I will try for a picture of him

Screened doors going back on.  Our friends Matt and Rochelle Garcia getting Birchwood back to summer mode.  Hearing their son Jack slam the screen door was music to my ears

Painting is the name of the game and the playground is the place to be

My favorite part answering phone calls from the top of the ladder while painting.  The office follows us everywhere