Bayview has been out of commission for a few weeks going through some TLC from the guys.  It would have been done long ago but we were waiting for a glue shippment for the floor.  Finally it is being finished.  How do you know if is being finished?

They know they have to clean up after themselves before I will come in and clean

Finishing the new floor and getting the doors and hooks back where they belong

In other news a few more of my local and guest artist and craft makers have brought in their stuff to sell in the gift shop.  We will now have maple syrup on sale.  It is locally made by a family that taps many more tress than we do.  Grandpa and his grandsons tapped 300 trees this year and got about 300 quarts of syrup.  All the sales of the syrup go right into his grandkids scholarship fund so I am happy to sell it for them.  Our 5 gallons of syrup from around the resort would not last long in the gift shop and is used by our family for breakfast all year long.  The quarts of syrup are 18 dollars each and well worth it if you knew all the work that goes into producing the syrup

One of my guests from Eau Claire makes goat milk soap.  Julie makes the soap and has soap forms that are absolutely adorable.  They will make great Christmas gifts and make the gift shop smell wonderful from all the different ingredients she uses from Lavendar, to Red Wine and one soap in Chocolate Espresso

Here are a few of them up close. I love the frogs!

Hummingbird and Dragonfly

Got to love the fish!

I have several other shapes but those are some of my favorites.

Anyone coming up from Eau Claire that can bring a box of soap from Julie let me know.  I have a feeling lots of goat soap will be flying off the shelves for Christmas gifts.  Julie is at the farmer’s market in Eau Claire every week and easy to grab a box from.  Anyone from Eau Claire or Mondovi where their farm is that can bring a box up would have my apppreciation

I also had my first jewelry brought in.  Some might recognize Missy’s work from the old Root Cellar downtown Minocqua.  Missy makes each piece original and will be bringing out new pieces as she makes them

Missy also makes ear rings, bracelets and tie on anklets all original.

Still to come in the gift shop is Bryon’s Muskie lures.  I hope to have Bryon’s lures in the shop this weekend.  He is a friend of Jake who has been mentored by some of the old time guides and lure makers in the area.  I am told the ties he does are highly prized by Muskie hunters.  Can’t wait to get his stuff in the shop for my fishermen.

I also ordered more T-shirts, Sweat shirts, hats and an cozies which should be coming in next week

Exciting times at the Cliff!  Starting to look more like summer around here