Woodruff combined their 125th town celebration with Memorial Day to have a nice parade.  Parade started off with the military

This truck stopped at the cemetery and played one of the best rounds of taps in salute of the fallen that I have heard in awhile. There was not a dry eye in the crowd

The veterans on the truck always choke me up.  We salute you

When the POW MIA vets come through I am a mess.  Love all of them

Arbor Vitae- Woodruff school kids.  I recognition of the 125 anniversary of the town they recreated the Million Penny March.  Back in the 50’s our Doctor Kate Newcomb “Angle on Snowshoes” wanted to start a hospital in the area and a local teacher wanted to teach what one million ment.  The two came together for the Million Penny march bringing together 1,000,000,000 pennies for money to start the hospital.  These kids did the same thing raising one million pennies this year

Somewhere in that crowd is a couple of twins I know

These folks were all delivered by Doctor Kate who was known for arriving to deliver on snowshoes if needed.

There is a museum in Woodruff that tells the story of Doctor Kate for anyone interested

Commemorative float for the “Largest Penny” in the world which can be found in Woodruff commemorating the Million Penny march

MHLT and AVW school band.  Somewhere in the band I know someone

Yep and on the correct side of the band so mom can hang over the sidewalk and snap a picture

The Woodruff nurses marching with “Doctor Kate”

What is a parade without a fire truck or 2

My favorite the old engine from Eagle River

What is a parade without a snowmobile trail groomer?

Then of course my favorite the band once again.  I believe I know a couple of kids in this one

Yep there is one

Yep and there is the other just wishing his mom and the camera would disapear

Graduation is just a week away.. sniff, sniff and this is retirement march for Jake as he is hanging up his horn after marching.

Hats off to all the veterans out there and all the Memorial Day parades that do not leave a dry eye