We are hoping this is the last cool and rainy day for awhile and summer gets started.  I see 70’s in the forecast for the weekend and next week.  Time to get the party started and fill up my last summer openings!

Here are a few things we are putting on special to get filled up and a cancelation that just came in.  Call for details if you are interested 715 356 3018

June 8 – 15th

Shamrock is open and I will rent it nightly or weekly at 2 or 3bdr price it just depends on the size of the group.  Call for details

June 28th – July 12th Bear Den 4bdr.  I am finding it hard to get a big group before the 4th of July so we are putting it on special and breaking these 2 weeks up. The house can be rented June 28 – July 3rd at a reduced rate for smaller groups 170/night up to 4 people, 245/night up to 6 people and 300/night up to 8 people.  July 3 – 7th 4 night minimum 350/night.  July 7 – 12th at the same reduced rate as June 28 – July 3rd

****** Cancelation on Wigwam July 6 – 13th  3bdr 1470/week.  This opening will not last long, it just popped up yesterday*****

July 19 – 26th Red Pine 2300/week

August 16 – 23th Red Pine 2300/week

Call for openings starting August 23rd