With so many places to go in the world and so few vacation days to take, why head up north?  I ran into this very nice log entry in Restawhile’s log book today and thought I would share as the lady put it into words better than I could.  It was her first time to Black’s Cliff with her husband

June 6, 2013

A few years ago my husband and his college buddies found Black’s Cliff on a Whim.  They came up here to fisha nd have come back to this resort since.  They love it here.

We were deciding on our vacation and had decided to head out to DC for our 4th trip.  We love DC.  As the months went bye we changed our destination to Galveston, TX.  We had never been there.  A week before our start of vacation, I mentioned why don’t we head up to Black’s Cliff.  You love it there and I would love to just relax!

This has been the BEST vacation.  I’ve grown to love it and will want to return every year.  I hope to bring family too.  Caught our limit on fish!  Best part, we RELAXED from our busy life!

Thanks Black’s Cliff!

Muskwonago, WI