Summer has arrived and it is time to sit on the Perch with a good book and listen to the lake.  Better yet if your mom sits next to you with a book by the same author and you can laugh your way through.

Even better if you have a cup of coffee each and an entertaining family jumping in the lake in their bike suits after a 10 mile bike ride but those are pictures for a private blog:)

Non swimming golden retriever trying to decide if his fear of swimming is more than his desire to chase momma duck and her ducklings.  Fear of swimming won the day and he waded down the shore as they moved along with his paws safely on the ground

Am I the only one that can feel the anger coming from this tree?  Passing hundreds of pine trees with bad attitudes in a day can get you thinking you just left the Wizard of Oz and the talking mean trees

I just got my 2nd delivery of Goat Milk Soap and was thrilled to see Julie included Lily of the Valley scented soap

Stop at the Loony Bin gift shop to find the soap