The last few years I have been adding a kayak here and there.  Only problem is we had not quite caught up on where to put them as I bought them.  Anyone with a boat of their own docking in the blue docks had to negotiate the kayak and canoe fleet that tended to get tied up anywhere there was space.  Finally after talking about it for a couple of years we have kayak and canoe racks

Yeah I am loving this!  Out of the way, dry and clean, what more could we ask for….  ummm how about one more rack?

We still have a couple of floaters the red canoe and the white kayak but the problem has been tamed

I recently added Bryon’s Muskie Lures to my shop.  They are spinner baits that Bryon swears by and is bringing me pictures of the big muskie’s he catches with these hand tied lures.  Bryon has paired up with a couple of old guides and lure makers who have shared the tradition of hand tying lures.  They work great and come in many colors for 13 dollars each

Who is Bryon you ask??

Byron is Jake’s best friend on the right hand side.  They followed each other everywhere and were almost college room mates at UW Steven’s Point until Jake decided last minute to go to Lawrence, something Bryon has not yet forgiven him for

They have been inseparable and will be friends forever wherever their paths take them

Other shop news, the sock maker has been busy and churning out socks just keeping up with how many have been going out the door

Bryon’s mom Terri had the idea of the day yesterday, why not put my sock colors out in a basket and let folks choose their sock yarn and I will make them before they leave.  So, the sock yarn basket is now in the shop.  You can either choose a sock off the rack in the sizes I have or have one specially made to fit your own foot with the yarn of your choice.  I have Cotton, Wool Free, 25% wool and 75% wool yarns to choose from.  They vary in price they are all 18 dollars a pair except for the 75% wool socks they are 27 as the yarn costs me a lot more.  So come peruse the sock basket if you want a pair