Sitting in my office this morning I had a parade of pictures come in from guests who wanted to share.  This one was one of the most amazing pictures I have ever had shared with me.  Stacey Borger caught this full rainbow picture on her Iphone 5 using the panaramic option.  Absolutely amazing and I need to go and buy an iphone 5 now that I can see what it can do.  Kudos to Stacey!

Michael Medd stopped in to show off his 34 inch muskie caught on his first trip to Lower Kaubashine.

He also shared this pic of a bass caught as well

Not the best quality picture but it has a good story.  This 19 inch Walleye was caught by Katlin Suehring on her first time Walleye fishing.  She was intending on catching perch on a 6 lb test and ultra light pole.  Where perch go, so do walleye and when Katlin thought she had weeds on her pole it was this fish instead which was quite a surprise.  Katlin released the walleye to be caught another day

Can’t wait to see what pictures come in next.  I always love to have pics shared.  Kudos to all my photographers