This picture has nothing to do with the rest of the blog entry but I had to share this one.  What is all the yellow stuff in the water you ask?  If you can tell from the waves we had a lot of wind going combined with Red Pine and White Pine in full pollen production and that equals a lake full of yellow stuff.  Someone asked me what happened and with a straight face I said it was fish poop, sorry bad Northwoods humor, it was priceless for the look on their face for a moment.

Now on to the party.  Every ten years we have the 0 birthday party when it seems we have a lot of folks with 0 birthdays at the resort.  The other 9 years they come up with some other excuse for a party, but this year was the special 0 birthday party and we held it at the office community room.  I love the invites written on the back of a beer carton.  When you get an invite like this, you know it is a party

Tom Hixson, Melanie Theil, Mr. Tungett, Gloria Snodgrass and Murry Hixson.  Missing was Dawn Cass (better know as Ding Dong).  I am not allowed to say which 0 birthday lines up with who, but much fun was had by all

You know the party is started when Craig shows up in his cowboy hat

Another successful party pulled off, not that this group really needs a reason for a party, just a place to have the party, time and what to bring