Welcome Iphone 5!  After having Stacey Borger share her amazing rainbow picture a couple of weeks ago, I have been itching to get one.  I headed into town 2 days ago to get the coveted item, gleefully came home with a sparkling new Iphone ready to take pictures.  Before heading to the lake what does everyone do, go to the bathroom.  For a very quick 3 seconds my brand new Iphone tumbled out of my pocket and splashed into the toilet.  The look of horror on my face with my brand new 2 hour old Iphone at the bottom of a toilet was probably priceless but I am glad no one was there to take the picture.  The conversation with the Verizon lady about not getting insurance flashed before my eyes.  Usually if something happens to a phone we have upgrades on the account and I use one of those instead of getting insurance.  I was just not counting on 2  hours after purchasing the phone to see it at the bottom of the toilet.  I remembered the conversation with a guest who came looking for rice a month ago for a phone that fell in the lake.  I immediately powered down the phone and stuck it in a plastic zip lock with rice all over it.  2 days of being teased about the phone later I pulled it out of the rice this morning and did a prayer to the Iphone gods and Wa La! it works fine!   I just hope it keeps working and I do not see the dreaded black screen.  Above is the first panoramic pic on the working Iphone 5

2nd pic after I figured out to move the phone a little slower

3rd pic where I forgot to hit the panorama option but I was too happy to care as I dashed up to the house to tell Troy it was working

Lesson to all.  Get the insurance before you leave the store for the Iphone 5.  Lesson number 2, do not put it in your back pocket of loose fitting capri pants  Lesson 3 always keep Minute Rice on hand for emergencies