What possibly could have led up to this picture of Tom Hixson locked in my office forlornly looking out for someone to let him out

The story starts with this very innocent game of Screw Your Neighbor in the community room.  Happy revelers gathered to enjoy time together with a few cards…

Screw Your Neighbor for those that do not know is very similar to UNO but with points.  You can use evil cards to have your neighbor be skipped, reversed, Draw 2, Wild Jack’s or… the worst of all a Joker for a draw 5.  If someone goes out you have to count up the cards in your hand and extra points from left over bad cards.  You definitely do not want to have a 7 in your hand at the end as it is a skip card worth 40 points.   Points are tallied after each hand and at the end of the night the person with the lowest point total is the big winner or whiner or wiener

It was all smiles at the beginning.  Nobody is allowed to sit next to their spouse.  Tom had two lovely ladies on each side of him

In between each hand is a commercial snack break while the cards are shuffled

Extra cards from Draw 2’s and Draw fours are dolled out and it is friendly smiles and joking until…….

I wish I had, had my camera out for the moment…. the moment Tom as his final move of the night laid down a joker draw 5 on Sarah….

He very quickly got up and exited the room for the safety of the office for the explosion from Sarah.  Instead of an explosion Sarah held her cool, grabbed my keys from in front of me and walked to the door and locked it

Rich did some figuring and announced the winner with the lowest points.  Tom was not quite the official winner but he definitely had less points than Sarah.  The last move of the evening was not the first time Tom had dumped a lot of cards on Sarah or skipped or reversed her

Tom:  “Sarah….. I am sorry, it was the only move I had……”

Sarah:  “well just try to move out of there, I am throwing the keys in the lake to be eaten by a crappie”