Have you come up here and done the same thing each year like this fellow above, always picking the same tree to have your nest in, always go to Paul Bunyans for breakfast on Monday, Ski Show on Wednesday?  Time to try something different like hanging out in a bird house and seeing what it is like doing something different?  I have something new to try

Snowshoe Baseball

Lake Tomahawk 15 minutes from the resort is the Snowshoe Baseball capital of the world (not sure they play this sport anywhere else).  Every week Lake Tomahawk straps on their snowshoes and head to the ball diamond.  Stadium seats, Fresh Pie and great hamburgers and brats can be found at the game.  There is also an entertaining announcer

The pregame involves great eats and GREAT PIE!  Homemade pies, you choose which one you want.  Get here early order your food and get right in line for pie or they just might run out

The snowshoe balls are a little bit bigger than your average soft ball

Field is sawdust.

Tonight it was the local team vs. the Chicago All stars.  These guys came up to take on the Tomahawk pros all the way from the windy city for a 2 day slug fest on the diamond with snowshoes on.  Murry Hixson had to jump in and get her pic taken with a couple of her neighbors from the windy city.  She then proceeded to sit on the hometown side with us and cheer for the Chicago All Stars

Running in snowshoes can be a real challenge.  Diving into 1st base with your feet a little slower is quite a challenge

Almost the entire resort was out in the stands having a great evening

Troy’s reason for going, winning 1/4 lb of beef jerky as a raffle prize from the Tomahawk Meat Market.

Besides a few other things Lake Tomahawk is known for Snow Shoe Baseball, one of 2 towns in Wisconsin that have an open container law that allows you to walk the streets with a beer in your hand, the Tomahawk Meat Market for wonderful meats and several quirky restaurants that need to be experienced.  So if you  find yourself getting to predictable in going to the same haunts each year and want to try something new head on over to Lake Tomahawk and you too may walk away with 1/4 lb of beef jerky