Ever have the feeling that you are being stalked through the trees by the paparazzi?  Never fear it is just the Lower Kaubashine version of the paparazzi seeking pictures for the Birchbark Blog

Mark and Charles searching for the elusive muskie.

Charles:  Hey Mark I have a feeling we are being watched…

Mark:  It is just the eagle circling overhead, relax Charles

Mark:  I have got to figure out how to commute to work this way…

Couple of northerns caught and released but no muskies today

Guys were heading in to test out Mark’s new buy.  He picked up this antique egg and bacon cooker at Island City antiques.  The eggs cook perfectly in their compartments and the bacon in the bigger one.  This pan dates back to the 40’s and 50’s and Mark was thrilled to find it at Island City for 18 dollars.  Charles was headed out after fishing to buy the 2nd one Mark left behind

For anyone interested here is the inscription on the back on the pan.  Mark said he spotted them on Ebay for much more than 18 dollars

Muskie Fishing, Lake Cruising, stalked by the Lower Kaubashine paparazzi, and bacon and eggs…  how much better can a day get in the Northwoods