With the temps soaring into the mid 80’s it is the dog days of summer

With warm temps it has been nice to spend some cool time at the community room with the old 50’s pinball game from our old resort rec room in the basement. This old game, Craig brought back to life 25 years ago and it spent many summers entertaining kids in the rec room until we shut it down in our basement.  With the new community room we thought it was time to bring it back along with the foosball game.  The pinball game gives you 8 balls for a dime and is the cheapest form of family entertainment in the Northwoods.  Families the past 2 weeks have had competitions to see how high a score they could get.  The Weiglien boys were very determined to master the pinball game in competition with they mom Mary.  This was the high score of the week

Little brother Phillip was not too shabby in his score either and spent many games trying to beat his brother and mom

I never did hear Mary’s score but they are all ready to try again next year to dethrown big bro

They will all have to try hard to beat the legend however….  The only person I know who turned over the game atleast 2 times getting over 200,000 points

Who could this pinball legend be you ask…….

None other than Dawn Cass (aka Ding Dong) who many will remember from the late 70’s and early 80’s who spent her summers chasing after Katie, Steve and I .  When not chasing us or helping my mom clean cabins and make dinner, Dawn retreated to the basement with a mitt full of dimes for some quiet cool moments with the pinball game.  She is the master and had to return when she heard the game was once again in use and visit her old haunt.