It has been a cool week but that has not stopped the sun bathing or swimming.  Everyone is prepared with sweatshirts, fleeces and anything else they can cover up with but the moment the sun makes an appearance it all disappears and it is Goose Pimple Sunbathing.  Soaking up the sun and enjoying every moment at the lake sun or no sun, warmth or coolness

Even a few blankets made it to the beach.  Karen and John Thompson staying warm between clouds

The teenagers have discovered the adult free bliss of the office/community building where they can play hours of Risk without being bothered and can even leave the game on the table without being told to clear it off for dinner

We headed off on a trip without any complaining teenagers for a bike ride to town.  With the cool temps in the low 70’s it was delightful to bike as opposed to the heat and humidity of last week

Trestle bridge into Minocqua

Time to head back and see if the 3 – 4 hour Risk game is over